Tyler Brandriet

Tyler Brandriet
Associate Architect

Tyler Brandreit has been with Zerr Berg Architects since 2010. As an associate architect, Tyler is a master problem solver for his clients. He approaches each project with open eyes and an eagerness to learn. Every project presents a different challenge for him to solve, and he loves being able to make a client’s life easier through his work. A lifelong learner, Tyler enjoys working on projects in fields or professions that he’s unfamiliar with. Tyler has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Architecture from North Dakota State University.

Outside of work, Tyler enjoys anything that gets him outside, playing card games, going on road trips, and tending to plants with his wife, Mary.

What interested you in pursuing architecture as a career?

My parents were big inspirations for me. My dad was in the construction industry and my mom is a very talented, creative, and crafty person. Their combination of passions and interests lead me through life with those interests. I was further drawn in after working on a project for school that involved drawing perspectives of skyscrapers. A guidance counselor at school encouraged me to pursue architecture and after starting college I realized that there really was no other career that I could see myself having! I love how many facets there are and how there’s always something new to learn and master.

What’s the best part of your job?

I love watching a client use the spaces we design once the project is complete. Seeing their satisfaction and the culmination of hard work is very rewarding and enjoyable to see!

What are your top 5 projects that you’ve worked on? Why?

Living Word Lutheran Church: Marshall, MN – This was the very first project that I took the lead on, it holds a special place in my memory. I got to fly to the jobsite and really soak up all the learning opportunities that were presented to me. I think the final product turned out very nice and I’m proud to have been a small part in helping the congregation grow their mission as a church.

TRAC Wellness: Jamestown, ND – Our firm had just started switching over to a new design program when I joined this project. I had a great time using the building as a way to familiarize myself with the new technology. It was a great way to show off the features of the program and really brought home just how effective and exciting the program was for the firm!

NDSU’s Catherine Cater Hall: Fargo, ND – The design development process of this project was super fun and engaging! We involved students and Resident Life staff on the design, it was great to hear from them what the needs and wants were for the new dorm. The student input really helped us iron out how people would interact with the spaces.

Aldevron: Fargo, ND – Much of this project took place during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ever-changing regulations and rules regarding the pandemic really kept everyone on their toes and helped me become better at rolling with the punches and quickly responding to the evolving needs of Aldevron as a company as it experienced a huge leap of growth and success in such a small period of time. We worked with BWBR on the design of the project, and I enjoyed watching and learning from their processes and how they approach client presentations and interactions. Truly a great learning experience all around!

Valley Christian Counseling Center: Fargo, ND – The staff I worked with from the counseling center for this project were amazing and had so much great input for us when heading into the design work. I loved watching the spaces come together and learning how each section was going to serve the community. This was another project that really took off during COVID-19, the timing was very important as the need for mental health care and counseling support took off with the pandemic.

Best architectural fun fact or tip?

Architecture is a very technical and complex field, you won’t always remember every single detail or code when answering a client’s questions. It’s okay to give yourself time to think and research a question that stumps you. Clients will always appreciate a well thought out correct answer over a hurried inaccurate one.