Tucker Schoenfish

Tucker Schoenfish
Student Intern

Tucker Schoenfish has been with Zerr Berg Architects since 2021 as an architect intern. As an intern, Tucker jumps into each project with an eagerness to learn and test his skills. He has worked on many aspects of different projects and relishes the opportunity to immerse himself in the real-world experience this internship is offering. He’s enjoyed working with real clients and having the opportunity to help their visions and dreams become reality. Tucker is currently enrolled at North Dakota State University and will graduate with a master’s degree in architecture.

Outside of work and school Tucker works as a Security Forces Office for the Air National Guard. He likes tinkering with wood projects, playing video games, and continuing to hone his architectural skills on his own time.

What interested you in pursuing architecture as a career?

I love that architecture is a balance of technical knowledge, business, and design. There are a lot of elements within the job itself that make it very dynamic and interesting. There’s always more to learn and skills to develop.

What have been the most exciting and challenging aspects of your internship so far?

The most exciting thing has been working with clients. I love being able to show them renderings and drawings of what their buildings will look like and seeing how excited they get for the process to be complete. The most challenging this has been the constant learning of software, common practices, and building codes. Technology moves pretty quickly so there are always new updates or programs that make the design process easier.

What are the top 5 projects that you or the firm have worked on? Why?

Trinity Lutheran Church: Moorhead, MN – I loved the process of working on this church. I did a lot of groundwork and built renderings and 3D models. The renderings I created were used at a block party and I got to talk to all the churchgoers and supporters about the design and plans for the church. It was great to see people’s reactions to my work and how excited they were about the whole project.

Fercho Family YMCA: Fargo, ND – This project is special because it is the first one that I’m leading myself. It’s a pretty small gym remodel but might lead to bigger remodels and a long-lasting relationship with the client.

MAPS High School Addition: Moorhead, MN – This is a massive project that has been in the works for years. Almost all members of the ZBA staff are working on it, it’s been very collaborative and has allowed me the chance to work with people I don’t usually get to work with. I’ve mostly been helping out a little here and there but watching the whole thing come together has been very rewarding.

NDSU STEM Building: Fargo, ND – I didn’t get to work on this project myself but I have been able to spend time there during my time at NDSU. I like how clean and sophisticated it is.

Fargo Public Schools Secure Entrance Study: Fargo, ND – A smaller project, but one I learned a lot from! This project was aimed at heightening security at all FPS locations in light of the growing concerns about school safety. It was interesting to learn about what technology and techniques can be employed by schools to increase security and safety.

What local volunteer or professional programs are you involved in?

I volunteer quite a bit through my service in the Air National Guard. We do a lot of work for Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army.