NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

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Project Description

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (VDL) was designed as a highly efficient, contemporary laboratory facility that will provide exceptional diagnostic and necropsy facilities in support of the North Dakota Agricultural Extension Service and North Dakota State University. The design includes flexible and adaptable laboratory planning concepts and technology systems in response to future mission priorities or scientific advances.

ZBA collaborated with Cannon Design to establish the planning, design, and technical system concepts that were carried forward in the concept design. Requirements, functions, and security for each of the spaces were discussed and developed with the VDL staff. This developed design concept will allow VDL staff to be readily accessible and remain highly responsive to the needs of ND veterinarians, livestock producers, and the public who rely on the facility for test results and other services.

VDL features a number of environmental design concepts and unique components. The building is organized on an east-west linear basis to provide abundant tempered daylighting into the laboratory spaces on the north side of the building. The project employs a geothermal well field for the heating and cooling. The building includes a crane with a capacity of two tons and an incinerator to aid the VDL staff in maneuvering and disposing of large specimens. The incinerator room is equipped with two large sliding fire doors. The VDL also contains a Biosafety Level 3 room suitable for work with infectious agents.