NDSU A Glenn Hill STEM Building

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Project Description

The team of ZBA/BWBR collaborated on this 120,000 SF 3-story building that includes state of the art teaching laboratories and classrooms that are used by several departments in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum.

The team worked with an advisory committee, departmental staff, and administration to develop programming criteria for spaces to be included in the building. The criteria included:

  • Spaces that are primarily, but not exclusively for STEM instruction
  • Flexible spaces that can be used for a variety of different sciences
  • Spaces that must be dedicated (not flexible) must be highly utilized spaces
  • Primarily first and second year/ introductory foundational courses

Nine Critical Success Factors for the STEM building were also defined:

  • State-of-the-art building with WOW factor to attract and support STEM undergraduate students
  • Provide learning environments that maximize a wide variety of teaching/ learning styles
  • Provide technology supporting active learning, collaboration and distance education
  • Provide flexible labs (and lab support areas) and classrooms to accommodate multiple uses, change in equipment, and a variety of teaching styles
  • Provide adaptable spaces and infrastructure accommodating changes in technology, changes in lab equipment, and changes in educational techniques. Accommodate scale up
  • Maximize collaboration and group work in study rooms, project based rooms, and informal unassigned spaces
  • Design less flexible spaces to match course function and maximize room usage
  • Enhance campus and surrounding spaces
  • Secure universal design for all students